Love, 爱, amour, 愛, liefde, amore, kärlek, no matter how many languages you say it in, the words still convey that same strange feeling, the emotions that stem from it can be blissful and sweet or it could leave that uncomfortable numb feeling in your chest, the bitter remnants of the pain evoked from love.Everyone interprets love in many ways and they all experience different forms of love.

In the end love is something most of us, if not all of us will encounter.
Why did I decide to blog about this? Well, it’s a today I witnessed something that made my mind twirl and this strange feeling had been erupting inside of me and it needs to be disposed of.
Ling and I were shopping at *******, it was approximately 2:30 pm before my sister and her friend joined us. We continued shopping however, once in awhile my sister would ask, “When are we leaving?”
So I wondered why she was dying to leave because moments ago, she was very much focused on her shopping and wouldn’t walk away. Then it hit me, she had a friend who was doing work experience in the city, a male friend and she ‘claims that she doesn’t care about him or tramming home with him’ a few days ago. Yet, at 3:48 pm, she was restless and eventually left ****** with her friend and ditched me. Really, she ‘didn’t care about him’, therefore she left without saying a word.
cupid love quotes. cupid love ♥
So ling and I eventually got to the tram stop before them. While we were walking, I attempted to call my sister but discovered she was on the phone. Then she actually called the guy, my sister who is a cheap ass wasted her credit on this ONE guy! (Well he isn’t just this one guy, he’s actually the only guy I approve of to date my sister, so I harbor thisrespect for him). She doesn’t waste her credit on any of her friends, yet she calls him. Well, in the end we trammed home together, all five of us. On that very tram, I was suffering from visual shock because, they look really good together and Ling can second that.
quotes about emotional pain. sad love quotes
That wasn’t the only thing that unsettled me, it was the fact that she wouldn’t shut up. I’ve seen her around her friends and she doesn’t talk that long, but with this guy, she had verbal diarrhea. Both of them were so engrossed in their ‘conversation’ that they didn’t hear me talking to them, rejection hurts. So we (Ling, Vicky and I) decided to have our own conversation. During the tram ride, we decided to play some background music to set the mood but none of us knew the words to “Kiss the Girl“ (FATIMA WE WISHED YOU WERE THERE!)

So I whipped out my phone and read out a list of songs, they were ‘Addicted‘, ‘Art Of Love‘, ‘Be With You‘, ‘More Than A Friend‘, ‘Tonight‘ and ‘Today Was A Fairytale‘. In the end I played ‘Art Of Love’ and slipped it into her pocket, too bad it wasn’t loud enough. So I took it out and turned it up a bit. At that very moment when I finally had their attention,

something blasted out of my speakers which caused me to laugh. It actually described what one of them was feeling, or has been feeling for awhile ><The situation:
He has liked her since year 7 and never expressed himself.
She knows that he likes her but claims she has no feelings for him.Well the whole journey was basically being ignored by my sister and I have to say, she did not talk to Vicky at all, instead she was too busy with her ‘male companion’.Sigh…it’s young love, being a spectator sure does put me on edge. It’s the same feeling I have when I watch an Asian drama and I get frustrated at the main characters cause they don’t confess to each other. Well witnessing this is sort of a bitter-sweet moment, it was cute to watch both their expressions but it was sad cause it made me feel old, LOL.

There’s actually a lot more that happened but I don’t want to rant on and on about it @_@
In the end, it’s just a blossoming bond between the two of them and it doesn’t really matter if they remain friends forever.

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