5 Romantic Places to Visit in Paris

Thinking of going somewhere with your partner where the two of you can have a romantic time?

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Why not try the romantic spots in Paris? Without a doubt, Paris tops the list for romantic vacations. The following are the five romantic places to visit when you are in Paris:


Eiffel Tower Paris, most romantic places to visit in Paris, Travel Section, Dating Symbol blogThe Eiffel Tower

Of course when you think of Paris, the first thing to spring to your mind must be the Eiffel Tower – you must have seen plenty of couples proposing or wooing each other in movies with Eiffel Tower in the back-drop. Although it is not the only romantic place in Paris a trip to the Eiffel Tower is indeed full of romantic moments especially if you try something more private, like dining at the Jules Verne restaurant which is situated at the second floor of the tower. If you just really want to be alone, away from the crowds, you can simply pack dinner, grab a bottle of wine and sit with your partner in the park below the tower. The best time to do this is at night, and apart from being romantic it is economical as well.


Another hot-spot in Paris is the Montmartre, which is a breathtaking destination perched on a hill in the northern side of Paris and affording a bird’s eye view of the city. When you visit Montmartre you and your partner would be automatically enchanted by the village atmosphere here. Couples can hold hands and take a romantic stroll down the winding streets of Montmartre, grab a bite at cafes or do some shopping in pretty shops here.

Jardin du Luxembourg_palace_and_gardens_flowerbeds,Travel Section, Dating Symbol blogJardin du Luxembourg, Paris

Jardin du Luxembourg

Jardin du Luxembourg is the grounds of the French Senate and although it may seem like the last place to visit for a romantic getaway it has actually been a spot for lovers from the era of Napoleon to Simone de Beauvoir to Jean-Paul Sartre. You can visit this lovely garden for a picnic, taking a stroll or simply to sit down in the midst of beautiful flowerbeds, fountains and statues and spend some time admiring the beauty with your soul mate or partner.

Musee Rodin

Paris is famous for its grand museums but if you can choose only one among them then it has to be Musee Rodin as this is the most romantic of all. Here you will be able to find a lot of sculptures and even wander around the gardens surrounding the building with your partner.

The Victoria Palace Hotel

romantic vacation at Paris just isn’t complete without a stay at a romantic hotel. A stay at the Victoria Palace Hotel is something that would sweep you off your feet and you would also be able to experience living like the nobles. The rooms of this hotel reflect the Louis XVI style with marble bathrooms, canopy beds and magnificent architecture. You can also have a view of the Louvre from your room.

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