Germany: Rachel and Leonie leave “Unser Star für Baku”

Cologne, Germany –

In tonight’s third show of Unser Star für Baku, two out of the remaining ten candidates were eliminated by the decision of the TV viewers: Rachel Scharnberg, and Leonie Burgmer, who ended up on a non-qualifying place only in the last few seconds of the voting!

Germany: Rachel and Leonie leave "Unser Star für Baku"

Like two years ago, the German representative for the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest is being chosen through a talent show, Unser Star für Baku, with all the heats and the final being presented by Sandra Rieß and Steven Gätjen.

Tonight, the ten singers who qualified in the two initial heats got another chance to convince the public. Out of those, eight have proceeded to the next round, and two of them missed out by the decision of televoting, the current standings of which were permanently shown on the screens. Here is tonight’s line-up (in order of appearance, qualifiers in bold):

  • Rachel Scharnberg (9.4%)
  • Leonie Burgmer (9,6%)
  • Sebastian Dey (9.9%)
  • Katja Petri (9.6%)
  • Umut Anil (9.8%)
  • Céline Huber (10.3%)
  • Ornella de Santis (10.1%)
  • Shelly Phillips (9.8%)
  • Yana Gercke (10.1%)
  • Roman Lob (11.4%)

In case you missed tonight’s show, you can check out all the performances again on the official Unser Star für Baku website. The fourth heat of Unser Star für Baku will take place in a week from now, and it will again be broadcast on ProSieben at 20:15 CET.

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