Light Your Fire . Visual Identity | Eurovision Song Contest Baku 2012

  • Following the success of the identity we created for the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest, we were invited by Brainpool to develop the new identity for the Eurovision Song Contest 2012, which is being held in the city of Baku, Azerbaijan,
    The Republic of Azerbaijan is located at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia and one of the translations of its name gives it as ‘The Land of Fire’. This is due to the rich deposits of oil and natural gas throughout the region that also causes jets of flame to burst from the ground, a phenomena that dates back to the days of antiquity.
    We took ‘The Land of Fire’ as our creative starting point when we began developing the new identity for this year’s contest as it gave us the scope to explore a concept that had both local cultural significance as well as international appeal.
    Fire is an elemental force that, for centuries, people have gathered around to tell stories, sing songs, dance and celebrate. In much the same way that the Eurovision Song Contest has done since it began in 1956.
    We feel that the visual identity we have created reflects what’s best about the contest itself and the event as a whole: It’s engaging, dynamic, warm and, most of all, imbued with a sense of fun.
    The next stage for us now is to develop all of the on-air assets which you’ll be able to see when the Contest returns to people’s screens in the Spring.
    We’re very proud of the work that we produced last year for the Eurovision Song Contest and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity again to define the look and feel of an event that is beloved by the millions of viewers who tune in to watch every year.
  • Inspiration
  • Preliminary sketches
  • Development
  • Guidelines
  • Banner concepts
  • Brochure concepts
  • CD album concepts
  • Coach livery concept
  • Press conference
  • Event ID concept
  • Twitter profile concept
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