Light your fire, Europe !

The allocation draw has taken place in Buta Palace in Baku. And they are really dragging on “the show”. And I sincerely hope these two aren’t the hosts for the main events come May! And for sure we did hear Running scared a few times… on the other hand, who has heard it since last May? The Azeris seem to have also major problems with certain flags! Strangely Armenian one is ok though. 🙂
But the touristic spots of Azerbaijan are beautiful, maybe they are showing it all now as in May the available slots are rather limited these days. And the comments by the youngters on twitter make an old fart like me laugh aloud. How limited the youth of today is? Really??!! I’m ashamed of you…. Total ignorance, zero pantience and respect for other cultures…. And for your information: there’s no “audience”; they are the delegations from the 43 countries having a meeting…
But now we are having Ruslana on stage (2 hrs to the show). And Aysel. And Alexander Rybak. And Safura. And Lena. His surname is Meyer-Landrut if you believe the hostess. And then of course Ell/Nikki. In conclusion, after 2,5 hrs of show more or less, I’ve come to the conclusion the female hostess doesn’t speak English. She just read the lines from a paper. With a lot of mistakes. Sigh. And now we hear Running scared again. Badly sung once again. I’m off… running scared! (Sorry, bad jokes but couldn’t resist!)
Anyways, the countries in the first semifinal are:
First half: Montenegro, Iceland, Romania, Albania, Belgium, Latvia, Switzerland, Finland and Greece
Second half: Ireland, Israel, San Marino, Russia, Denmark, Austria, Cyprus, Moldova and Hungary
Italy, Azerbaijan and Spain will vote in this one.

The countries in the second semifinal are:

First half: Serbia, the Netherlands, Portugal, Macedonia, Belarus, Malta, Ukraine, Armenia and Bulgaria
Second half: Slovakia, Turkey, Estonia, Slovenia, Georgia, Sweden, Croatia, Norway, Lithuania and Bosnia-Herzegovina
United Kingdom, France and Germany will vote in this one


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