Best all-you-can-eat teppanyaki restaurants in Shanghai

Shanghai teppanyaki is glutton’s dream: for a set price, you get unlimited sushi, sashimi, barbecued meats such as shrimp and steak and dessert — all prepared by a nimble-fingered chef right in front of you, with a massive fire show to boot.

Teppanyaki, a Western take on a traditional form of Japanese cooking where food is cooked over a heated iron griddle, was first introduced to China more than two decades ago, and going by the number of such all-you-can-eat places that dot Shanghai, it looks set to stay.

Although not a good, nightly dinner option for those hoping to avoid an expanding waistline, all-you-can-eat teppanyaki is the group dinner of choice for those on a budget, but the challenge is finding ones that are worth the cash. We pick the best of the lot.



Shanghai teppanyaki -- gintei

Go here if … you like having a show with your dinner.


All-you-can-eat price: RMB 199
All-you-can-eat-and-drink price: RMB 220

Centrally located right behind Westgate Plaza in the Jing’an district, Gintei is famous for its pyromaniac chefs who secretly smirk as they engulf your food in flames so large they almost lick the ceiling.

Though some reviewers on Dianping think the eight-year-old restaurant’s simple decor needs a bit of updating, the largely Western expat crowd that packs the place on weekends is proof otherwise that everyone’s too busy looking at the food to care about anything else.

Go in small groups of two to four people to get the best view of the sizzles as big groups get seated at larger tables away from all the action.

Don’t leave without ordering: Meat, lots of meat. The beef and lamb are grilled to juicy perfection, while the codfish has skin so crisp it dissolves in your mouth. The beef carpaccio makes for a good filler while waiting for your grilled items.

Random fact: Take the kids along for the fiery performance if you can’t find a baby sitter as children under 1.2 meters eat for half price.

Gintei Teppanyaki Sushi (银亭铁板烧), 75 Nanhui Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu 南汇路75号, 近北京西路, +86 21 6218 1932

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