Friday Poll: Will you buy an electric car?

Chevy Volt

Sales are a little slow.(Credit: General Motors)

Chevy sold 7,671 electric Volts last year,short of its expectation of 10,000. The carhas gotten tons of publicity, but that hasn’t translated into booming sales.

Even with a $7,500 tax credit dangling like a tasty carrot, buyers haven’t flocked to electric vehicles like the Volt andNissan Leaf.

Electric vehicle prices can vary from around $32,000 to $40,000. There are definitely cheaper options out there. The Toyota Prius starts at $23,520.

Range is still a limitation in some people’s minds. The Volt, for example, can cover 35 miles gas-free. Throw in a full tank of dinosaur juice and you’ll add 375 miles onto that.

Ford and Chevy pickup trucks were selling like hotcakes in 2011. Maybe there’s a cultural component to slow electric vehicle sales. Maybe’s it’s the pricing. Maybe it’s that gas hasn’t hit $10 per gallon yet.

Take a peek at your driveway. If you don’t have an electric vehicle parked out there, then this poll is for you.

What would it take to get you into an electric car? Vote in our poll and give us some more details in the comments.

    • Endi
    • January 8th, 2012

    no it doesn’t…. when you get 7-8 months of solid snow and scattered weeks of -40 and colder then you can claim that. These cars are worthless in Alaska…. NTM electriciy, depending on the city, is around $.22 a Kw/hr Id love to see that cute little battery heat my cab and keep my windows defrosted going down the road at 50mph with -46 degree air blowing into the engine compartment…

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