Dijit iPad app fuels TV junkie social life.

Dijit splash page

Let your Facebook friends know how much you love “The Hills.”

(Credit: Dijit)

Couch potato iPad users need some social love, too. Dijit is giving it to them. Dijit is an iPad TV guide app that’s been taking social steroids.

Dijit hooks up with your Facebook account and spies on what shows your friends like. You can blame the Facebook peer pressure for making you watch “The Real Housewives of Orange County” rather than “NOVA” on PBS.

Dijit screenshotNow all my Facebook friends know that I’m hooked on “Downton Abbey.” (Click to enlarge.)

(Credit: Screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET)

You can do Foursquare-style check-ins with your favorite shows, share your enthusiasm on Facebook and Twitter, and check out what other Dijit members are saying. It also ties in with Netflix.

There are tons of features littered all over the free app. It can be used as a remote control, but this requires a Griffin Beacon, a universal remote control device that translates Bluetooth into IR signals.

The iPad version of the Dijit app just arrived and it takes advantage of the extra screen space by piling in TV listings, show information, and remote control functions on one screen.

The extra show information that accompanies each listing is a nice touch. You can access actor bios, search for related YouTube videos, and get episode summaries without leaving the app.

The Dijit app holds promise for people who want more than just a boring old TV guide. Considering America’s obsession with all things television, the Dijit social TV community could become a happening place.

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