Cobra JoyRide transforms Android phones into driving machines.

Cobra JoyRide

Cobra’s JoyRide is no ordinary car charger.

(Credit: Cobra)

With the help of Cobra’s newest charger, your Android phone can automatically reconfigure for driving when connected to your car.

The Cobra JoyRide is no ordinary car charger. This 12-volt plug utilizes the Android Open Accessory framework to automatically trigger the launch of a companion app on an Android phone when connected via its micro USB port.

The Cobra JoyRide app features a car-specific interface that presents the user with large buttons to trigger functions such as voice command, hands-free calling, or launching a GPS navigation app. The JoyRide app can also automatically trigger the changing of phone settings–for example, disabling WiFi, enabling GPS, and setting the ringer to vibrate. When it’s time to leave the car, the JoyRide app cab even geo-tag its location when unplugged from the JoyRide charger to help you to remember where you parked.

The Cobra JoyRide will carry an MSRP of $39.95 when it hits the market in Q2 2012.

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